My company exists to help women become more of themselves, cultivate self-belief and create their path to freedom and self-expression through their businesses - so they can ultimately impact their world (and our world) through their work.

create dream impact + income through mission-driven work.

 in financial independence through entrepreneurship as a path to women’s liberation + world change

In simple, mission-driven AND ambitious businesses that honor our unique nature

in your future self as your best business partner

in your intuition as your compass, and your mind as your #1 tool for success

in the power of opposites: ambition and ease, boldness and fun, big goals and small steps - together.


I believe:

I’ll help you create a solid self-belief,  tap into your inner wisdom and leadership and  become a stand-out brand - so you attract the dream clients you can’t wait to work with... all by being your brilliant self.

The only real obstacle is yourself - aka your self doubt, the hiding, the waiting, and the confusion about the millions of options and conflicting advice out there.

But now, you’re ready to get out of your own way.

You and I both know deep down that you *can* make this coaching thing work. 

I’m a Master mindset, business and leadership coach. I love working with women like you (and me): ambitious, heart-driven, real, fun and committed to becoming themselves in their business while enjoying their life.

and I’m so glad you’re here

Hi! I'm Lisa

Through our work, you’ll deactivate your self-doubt and perfectionism and develop a healthy, loving relationship with your business.You’ll finally stop hiding, waiting, and comparing. You’ll learn how to lead and trust yourself.

Plus, as a personal branding mentor, I will help you uncover the very essence that makes you unique and will turn you into the go-to person in the mind of your ideal clients… so they can’t help but choose YOU.

Because the truth is, who you are BEING in your business is much more important - and an essential requirement- to make your DOING work.

I will help you win at the inner work of being in business.

There are many things you can outsource in your coaching business. But you, your leadership, and your self-belief? Not among them.

how i can help

You’ll grow your clarity, confidence, and creativity as we define your positioning, craft your authentic business message, uncover your voice and develop your signature methodology. And then, we’ll translate this into the exact offers your clients are waiting for.

We start with your self-belief, your inner leadership & your authentic self expression.

We go beyond the frameworks, the formulas & the templates. 

Become truly magnetic in your business, in the way you show up, share, sell and help

Find marketing yourself is 100% easier

Notice that business feels good and feels like you

Finally have the focus and direction you need to take consistent action and get results

When you have all that, you:

I was born and raised in Vicenza, Italy, an hour away from beautiful Venice. But I always knew that my dream life and the impact I wanted to have on the world transcended my small town - and even my national roots. I just had no idea on the what, and the how.

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you that I left my corporate job, and got booked out in 4 weeks flat. Spoiler - I didn’t.

After making the big leap, perfectionism, self-doubt and hiding kept me playing small for a while. That’s where I *truly* learned why they say building a business is the greatest journey in personal development.


Turns out clarity + confidence + creativity... ultimately lead to cash.

Spotting and reframing old ones, creating new ones to help you carve new paths, finding blindspots you don't see, and helping you harness your innate resourcefulness and creativity.

My superpower is ideas.

I’m a mind ninja with a strong intuition ... & I got you.

Now, I not only have a multiple six figure business, I also know I can trust myself to create any result. When you work with me, I will share everything I know to help you create your version of impossible goals like these and become a truer version of yourself.

 …and all of that in a second language, working with amazing clients from all over the world.

Achieved dream positions as a coach, Coach Instructor and mentor

Started attracting dream clients in my own business, while being myself

10xed my income, and then some

Became a Master coach with 1000+ hours of coaching experience 

When I finally learned to lead myself and let my future self guide me, I:

I want you to know that success may not always be linear, but it’s totally possible if you learn how to create self-belief and show up for yourself. 

If you like your coaches bold + insightful, but also warm + intuitive (while keeping it real and fun) we’ll be a great team.

I’ve had the honor of coaching, teaching and mentoring for the school for  2.5+ years. That means you can bet there’s nothing you can bring to me that can throw me off or I won’t know how to help with.

I’m Master Coach certified through the
Life Coach School