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Future Business Self
Deep Dive

Reset. Realign. Remember. Reinvent yourself. 

A transformational experience for the coach or entrepreneur ready to unlock and activate their future self in their business, go beyond  imagining “what it would be like”...
… and step into the person who.

You already know you’re meant for more.
Now, let’s start activating your next level business identity. 


No matter where you are in your coaching or online business journey…

If you have a vision or a goal,
you have a future self. 

Are you ready to MEET + BECOME her?

you feel a change is on the horizon for you and your business 

Your offers, your focus, your scope of work - or simply, YOU and the way you show up to your business - are ready to evolve.

You want your business to better reflect your values and your evolution 

You feel called to grow. Expand. Reinvent. Reset. Pivot.

To unlock the next level, find out what you’re made of and finally watch yourself play fully in the arena.

You’ve felt it coming for a while, but you haven’t had the confidence or a roadmap to do it alone.

You crave a change, even if it scares you.

You may not yet have complete clarity of how you’re going there...

But you know it’s time to go.

You are SO ready to access the version of you that you desire to embody in business.


  • You’re playing smaller than YOU know you could. Even if your “small” looks very busy (or already successful!) to others. 

  • You *know* your next evolution is limited by the current way you see yourself, how you relate to your business and what you believe is possible for you.

  • You may have vision that excites you, but you’re not always fully engaged in the process of bringing that vision to life.

Answer her 

The good news is - that low-grade dissatisfaction + restlessness with the way things are now?

 They are all clues that your next level-  your business self 2.0 - is calling. 


i want this 

This time, the solution is not to keep doing more of the same things, coach yourself into liking where you are when it’s clearly not what you want, nor edit down your vision.

You’re ready
to step into your new business identity.

You’re simply at that point of the journey where the current version of you won’t take you to your next level. 

That point where you are called to expand your being and your actions to move from the possibility, to the reality of making your dream business come to life.

yes, bella.


You’re  eager to see what becomes possible for you, from a new you.

Shifting to thinking, feeling and showing up for your future empire-building adventures in a brand new way, as future you, with an intentional and unique gameplan in place to execute that new way of being + leading and yourself in your business.

Because you’re BEYOND ready to step into the next level of business growth, leadership or visibility.
To feel and blaze a way out of those outdated beliefs that keep you stuck, going in circles and seeing your potential from behind the glass wall.
To *truly* understand what’s been stopping you from unleashing all the greatness in you, so you can see it coming and manage it next time.
To stop letting your past define where you’re going.

So you can finally…. take that next brave step. Launch that thing. Be bolder on social media. Ask for that price without stuttering. Write the book. Move out of that sales, income or enjoyment plateau. Become the new go-to person in your space. And sooo much more.

And how quickly you connect with and light up that version of you now? Will make all the difference.

She has the vision, the wisdom, the certainty and the confidence you need for your shift. 


If you’re ready to do just so, you're in the right place.


This is the intensive, high-touch coaching experience where you’ll meet your business future self, anchor to your desires and vision, and leave with an integration plan to make her come to life NOW.

In your Business Future Self Deep Dive, we’ll take a strategic and intuitive approach to help you re-discover your vision and bring you empowering clarity on your next steps.

More than a business coaching intensive
More than a vision planning session
And SO much more than a “how cool would it be if?” visualization exercise.

the future business
self deep dive

Let this be the moment you’ll look back to one day and say: that’s where the “me” of today was born.

Think of it as a hot, deep + soulful date with next level business YOU, paired with a strategic and  plan to make her happen. So you can finally stop dreaming about her, and start embodying her IRL.

Ready to step into it?

If you’re wondering if this is for you, powerhouse - IT probably IS.

It’s for you if you're feeling stuck.
It’s for you if you’re growing but something feels unaligned.
It’s for you if you don’t know all the details of your vision *yet*, but you're ready to MOVE to find them.
It’s for you if you’re at the beginning of your business journey, or scaling your 7-figure empire. 

Because, no matter where you start from?
There is always an after story to be written. 

There is always a next level - or just more congruent, flowing and evolved you, waiting to rise. 

 YOUR vision + goals deep dive

We get still, get deep and crystallize what your next level looks like. We anchor to your short and long-term vision in a way you’ve never done before. I have chills already.


This deep dive =  Personalized magic.

Since every deep dive intensive is built around you, we’ll work on what YOU need most. But here are the main things we’ll focus on:

(Re)connecting you to future you - the truest you

Experience what it's like to plug in her mindset, perspective, worldview and energy - so you can feel her come alive in you and start detaching yourself from the limitations of your current identity. 




what does this look like?

new future self supporting habits

Let's design new future self supporting habits, rituals and power moves that help you bridge the gap from "same old, same old" to to embodying your being her as your new normal.

YOUR  Future Self Activation Plan 

We’ll put together your bespoke  Future Self Activation Plan based on where you are now, so at the end of our time together, you will know exactly what to focus on - inside and out - to create your can't-believe-this-is-my-life next level. 

obstacle diagnosis 

We assess what's in the way of your next-level and go to the root cause of why you feel stuck, stagnant or misaligned - so you’ll know exactly what needs to shift next.


 best next steps

We strategize what the very best next steps look like based on where you are, so you can take aligned, bold decisions for your future business self and avoid wasting time on the wrong things.

You’ll leave with a new way of seeing yourself: connected, expanded and closer than ever to your Future Self identity, and knowing exactly how to express that vision and show up to make her a done deal.




What's included

A pre-session questionnaire

so we can put your desires and needs in focus, and hit the ground running.

THE 90-minute 
Business Future Self Deep Dive

with a Master coach (me!) via Zoom, with a copy of the call recording for you to review and refer back to

Future Self Activation Plan 

An email with the key points discussed and your custom Future Self Activation Plan 

VOXER access

2 weeks of Voxer support for any questions that arise after the Deep Dive

Coaching with Lisa has been hands down the best decision I have made to date for my business. It completely revolutionized the way I think and feel about business, marketing, and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Now I see my business as an extension of myself and who I am in the world. This was a monumental mindset shift for me. 

jessica lindsey

past clients say....

"Lisa listened carefully to everything I was saying. Directly and indirectly.
She reflected back to me what I was saying in such a clear and concise way that I ended up understanding what is truly holding me back, all the answers I have already had within me and that I am just where I need to be on my journey.

All this together really helped me trust myself and the process, gain clarity, and have an actionable plan as well.

Taly Nahshoni

past clients say....

Working with Lisa helped me step into my future self concept and make powerful decisions in my business. As a result I feel like I have become a magnet to all my desires. I can create anything I want, and now, I really believe it 100%.

Kasia Kozinski

past clients say....

Kind words

I believe growing to the next level in business means expanding who we are being, not just what we are doing.

This is why I love helping my clients to uplevel their identity and master the relationship with their future self and their business, to transform how they show up, serve and lead.
My coaching blends powerful inner growth with timeless business and marketing principles to help you access your self expression, magnetism and thought leadership - to create aligned success that feels good.

Master Certified life + business coach and mentor for coaches and entrepreneurs ready to become their future selves in their business. 

I’m lisa, 
YOUR future self mentor


You just need to fill out the pre-intensive questionnaire 48 hours before our session and bring your lovely self to our call.

Absolutely! If after the intensive you decide you want further support and coaching, we can discuss the options available.

This deep dive is perfect for anyone at every stage of business, because no matter where you are in this moment, it will help you connect, embody and strategize from your future self. If you've been waiting for something to change, grow and evolve, this is what will help you break to the next level.