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a one-day intensive with a master coach. Overcome your biggest barriers and surge your coaching business ahead

Magnetic Brand Map


I created the Magnetic Brand Map intensive as THE coaching experience that will give you those answers...and much more.

The success of your coaching business depends on how well you can answer them. Do you know how?

• Why would anyone choose ME (in the big wide world of coaches)?
• How can I stand out?
• What do I have to offer that’s special?
• What's MY work in the world?

Do you ever wish you could find the answer to those burning questions that keep you stuck, like:

hey coach...

You dream of the day you too will wake up to DMs and emails of perfect clients reaching out. Clients who have chosen you before you even talk to them - because they know what you’re about, that you bring something unique, and that only YOU really “get them”.

You’re committed to making this coaching thing work. And even though you can’t see the exact path now, you know deep down you have a lot to offer. You want your business to stand out and be irresistible to the clients you want to help. 

You KNOW you have valuable coaching skills that can change your clients’ lives.

You knew you were meant for bigger, bolder things.

But for you, it’s not just about creating wild success. You also want to do that with the freedom that comes from not pretending to be someone you’re not on your way there.


•      Play it safe + tone your truth and message down.
•      Hide until you “figure things out”
•      Recycle other people’s ideas instead of creating yours, or sound like somebody else’s minion.
•      Second guess your choices, niche, and ideas on repeat (hello, shiny object syndrome!)
•      Stack your downloads folder to the brim with the ideas, freebies and trainings of others, instead of creating you OWN thing.
•      Stalk and screenshot the "cool coaches", fearing they were born with a special gene that you clearly miss.
•      ...You wonder what “they” have that you don’t (worst.question.ever.)


becoming a truly magnetic coach requires you to own your truth, share it, and stand confidently in it.

It’s only that you haven’t connected all the dots, clarified who and why you are in business, uncovered what makes YOU unique and interesting - your innate edge - and distilled it into a message and positioning that helps you stand out.

In fact, you are the next magnetic coach in the making. You just don’t know it yet.

You’re NOT missing a special “X factor” coach gene.

Blending in, hiding and staying confused are the safest options for your scared brain. But right now? This is the number one obstacle to success in your coaching business. If this is you…. I want you to *really hear* there is nothing wrong with you, your commitment, or your capability for success in the coaching world.

How much energy and time would those strategic decisions free up?
How much value would you offer the world, if you knew why, what and how to do it?

What if I told you that with an expert guide and master-level coaching, you can create all of that in ONE day?

My job is to help you uncover the brilliance already inside you and package it into an in-demand personal brand so you can serve more clients and make more money, all without pretending to be someone else.

If, right now, you’re thinking this is a monumental task that will require MONTHS to figure out.

Your clients don’t want to follow a follower. They will choose you (with their hearts and wallets) when you become a leader, in your own way.

•      Having a “north star” framework - your brand map - that keeps you aligned and makes creating content, making offers and marketing yourself 100% easier.
•      Having clarity on your core “why”, your big picture vision, the essence and flavor of you in business, and your unique place in the coaching world.
•      Being 100% clear on your message, brand personality and values, story, style and AND how to turn that into value you can offer your clients.
•      Knowing that the foundational decisions of your business is finally clear, so you can focus on what lights you up instead of spinning in confusion.
•      Organizing the million ideas in your head into a personal brand that makes sense, leverages your gifts, and makes your competition irrelevant.
•      Business feeling good, and feeling like YOU.
•      Finally having the confidence, focus and direction you need to take consistent action and get results.

imagine, after just one day...

You’ll grow your clarity, confidence, and creativity as we define your positioning, craft your authentic business message, uncover your voice and develop your signature style. These are the key elements that will make you the go-to person in the mind of your ideal clients -
so they can’t help but choose you.

An intimate, customized, value-packed coaching experience for the coach who wants to clarify their personal brand, own their brilliance & amplify their impact.

The Magnetic Brand Map intensive is 

Decisions, made. Your messaging and “special sauce” figured out. Your path to compelling marketing and content creation cleared. Your business aligned with who you are, your zone of genius and your ideal lifestyle. A new level of clarity and confidence. Your future self in motion.


Your questions and doubts? They are all welcome too.

Come as yourself. A smart, committed coach with big dreams and a desire to help people, who is tired of looking outside for answers. Bring your dreams, your hopes, your story and your magic.

You’ll leave with a roadmap to position yourself center stage in your ideal client’s mind... so that you can become an in-demand coach, help more people and make more money.

I send you some powerful prep-work exercises and journaling questions - this is an integral part of your brand mapping process to give us some raw material before our big day.


It’s time for your MBM half-day intensive! Bring your future self to our call. We spend 4 hours together (with a break in between), uncovering, coaching, and strategizing away to distill and package your brilliance.


We start with a 30 minute conversation to set the stage - talking about your unique goals, and planning our intensive around the exact pieces of the puzzle you need support with.


Shortly after, I'll send you your Magnetic Brand Map pdf - your “business bible” to use as a compass from that moment on. Every page will keep you anchored in your vision, drive your messaging, and guide you (and your team) as you continue to grow your brand.


Book a follow-up, 30 minute session within 30 days after our intensive, to clear any doubts as you apply what we uncovered to your business.


how does it work?

You stop idolizing other people’s businesses, because you fall in love with your own.

Every following decision becomes easier.

You start enjoying your coaching biz again, because it is a true expression of you and what you want to create.

You know exactly what to say to your dream clients, to get them nodding their heads and trusting you with their goals (and wallets).

More client connections in your inbox, more DMs and consult requests from people feeling pulled towards you.

YOU, fully expressing your gifts and on your way to become the coach other people look up to. 

Side effects of our work together

As an experienced Master Coach and Coach Instructor, I’m an expert on how the coach brain works. And as a recovering perfectionist and former brilliance-hiding champion, I get you, and I got you.

My passion is blending mindset, intuition and strategy to help you transcend your self-doubt, own your gifts, and become truly magnetic and sovereign in the way you show up, share, sell and help. (But really, I just love to be in the room where the next thought leader is born).

I help coaches step into authenticity, authority and self-belief so they become magnetic brands and attract the clients and money they crave.


How will you magnetize your people? Own your own story, define your content pillars, and start packaging your magic into ideas for free and paid content that speaks to your dream clients. Leave with an idea plan that builds on everything we have discovered + your creativity unleashed, so you can make a meaningful connection with your potential clients and never run out of ideas.


What do you want your client to think and feel about your brand when you’re not in the room? Use your personality and preferences to stand out and guide your unique online presence, coaching style, and the way you run your practice. Get clear on the unmistakable vibe, flavor, and voice of your brand. 


What do you want to be known for? Let’s be strategic about how you show up and position yourself in your clients’ eyes so you won’t risk being overlooked. Learn how to connect the dots between your mission and your audience’s desires. Let's define: your specialty, your ideal client, your message, and how you’re different than anyone else.


Let’s turn our focus inward and dive into your brand’s core why, your big picture vision and mission, and core values - your foundational business identity. Discover how your personal experiences and perspective give you an edge as a coach and entrepreneur. Let's imagine your dream practice from the eyes of your future self.



what we cover

The established coach who’s been around for a while, has created clients but feels their current brand doesn’t fit them or the work they want to bring to the world anymore.

You’re feeling called to shift, be of service in a fresh new way.

We’ll bring more of who you truly are into your business and redefine your mission and work so you can claim a new level of thought leadership. Let’s bring your epic next chapter to life.


The new coach with big dreams, committed to the impact and success you want to create, who needs help getting out of confusion, overwhelm and feeling like they are a small grain of sand in the big wide coaching world.

Set your coaching business up for success on the important stuff from day 1 without an incomplete vision and unnecessary mistakes. Your magnetic brand map is the business confidence accelerator you were waiting for. 

the mbm intensive is perfect for:

The branding work we’ll do isn’t about a cute logo and a color palette - Rather, it is the inner foundation that aligns your business with who you are and positions you for success. Brand identity comes later and is the visual translation of the deep work we’ll do. You can bet that after going through the Magnetic Brand Map, you’ll make your designer’s job a thousand times easier, save yourself hours of time and headaches, and make sure the results are 100% aligned to you.


will you create my website/color palette/ logo?

This is not for you if you deep down know that you want to stay confused or keep changing your mind. I work with coaches who are all in, can have doubts and fears, but are willing to make powerful aligned decisions and move on. This is also not for you if you're only looking for pure marketing tips/strategies or someone who will write your copy or do your design. And of course, this is not for you if you are already 100% clear on your brand, and attracting perfect clients consistently!



You could, but think about all the hours, days and months you would spend achieving this level of clarity on your own. We will do this strategic foundational work in ONE game-changing, soulful and inspired sitting. Plus, we all have blind spots, especially when it comes to our innate gifts and limiting beliefs we believe are facts. Why would you want to figure this out all alone, when you can have a Master coach with a strategic mind, a passion for brand clarity and years of experience on your side? ...AND we can do all that with a big cup of coffee, and a lot of fun. 



No personality tests needed, but you can bring any insight or awareness you have found resonated with you in those you did. You are an evolving, complex and multifaceted human. And yes, I like to do those for fun too. You and I? We’re going to do the deep work that matters, with the answers that are already inside of you. What we will excavate - like the essence of your business and your core why - will withstand the test of time and the niches and trends of the moment.





When you're finally certain about your coaching business instead of confused, you WILL start taking massive and aligned action. When you feel special instead of average, you WILL show up with authenticity, personality and consistency...and naturally attract more of your perfect clients.

IT'S TIME To stop banging your head against the wall and stop worrying about how many coaches are out there - because you know YOU are bringing something unique to the industry.